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Version (3rd Beta Release)

posted Apr 11, 2012, 9:33 PM by Nick Wilson

NEW in this release:

  • Entirely new redesign of the library event mechanism
    • Fixes various timing issues 
    • More accurately implements the publisher/subscriber model 
    • No longer need to specify USE_GOAL_STRUCTURE in the parameters of the MotivationalSubsystem
  • Moved ActivationCollection to the Clarion.Framework namespace 
  • Renamed Chunk.LabelAsComparable to Chunk.LabelAsIComparable 
  • Additional samples: 
    • Simple Prisoner’s Dilemma
    • Serialization Demo 
  • Feature and extension additions/enhancements 
    • AsynchronousSimulatingEnvironment 
      • Provides a simplified template for interacting asynchronously 
    • IDefinesAgentMetaInfo interface 
      • Used to make agent-specific dimension-value pair reservations (e.g., typical drive inputs/outputs) 
    • Generically typed DimensionValuePair<DType,VType> 
      • Allows values of different types to inhabit the same dimension 
      • More natural access/use (i.e., less casting) 
    • Added eligibility checker customization for rules 
  • Framework additions/changes aimed at further simplifying your experience! 
  • Added IntelliSense XML file
  • Several bug fixes…