Release Notes

Version 6.1.1

posted Jul 6, 2013, 11:35 AM by Nick Wilson

  • IMPORTANT: The name of the DLL and Serialization namespace has changed
    • CLARIONLibrary to ClarionLibrary
    • Note: definite implications for simulations using 
      • Make sure you update the DLL reference in your projects!
  • Fully implemented NACS reasoning and retrieval
    • Now interacts with the ACS and MCS modules
    • Added InputFilterer and KnowledgeFilterer delegates
      • Can be specified in the ActionCenteredSubsystem to do custom filtering to & from the NACS
    • Episodic memory and offline ACS/NACS learning currently in development (slated for the next release)
  • Core improvements
    • Refactored event timing and truly asynchronous event invocation
    • Threads now only start when needed (improved performance & memory)
    • Improved how SensoryInformation is propagated and updated
    • Added/moved several (inner) “tuple” classes to Clarion.Framework.Core
    • Added various core “tracking” classes (e.g., a reasoning tracker for the NACS)
    • Added several new interfaces and delegates
  • Added new concept MetaInfoReservations
    • Replaces things like TypicalIO in Drive
    • New formatting for accessing this meta information in the SensoryInformation object
    • Note: possible implications for simulations using
  • Redesigned Chunk class(es)
    • Chunk weight and strength calculation methods relocated
      • Custom delegate options for both methods
    • Added dimension weight specifications
      • Implements bottom-­up “weight matrix” concept (from CLARION‐H addendum) 
      • Allows for “dimension NOT activated” specification 
      • Replaces dvRepDimension specification in the New...Chunk methods in World
        • Note: possible implications for simulations using
    • New ConditionalChunk class
      • Replaces inner Rule.Condition class
    • New CustomMetaCognitiveActionChunk class
      • Initialized using World
    • Input and Output layers in implicit components (e.g., BPNetwork) are now specified by InputOutputLayer instead of ActivationCollection 
    • Feature Enhancements 
      • Added “switch” (i.e., PERFORM_LEARNING parameter) to turn on/off ALL learning in ActionCenteredSubsystem and MetaCognitiveModule 
      • Now only retains previous 10 episodes in local memory (by default) 
      • Allows for better memory management
    • Added time stamps to trace logging
    • Added variability options to perception and actuation response times (credit Emily O’Leary)
      • New parameters/delegates in Agent to facilitate this feature 
    • Added optional out parameter to GetChosenExternalAction (and asynchronous method) to return the activations for all actions that were considered during action decision­‐making (credit Shane Bretz) 
    • Various improvements/simplifications in MetaCognitiveModule
      • Added OperationOptions and OutcomeActivationOptions
      • Added OnTimedEvent method 
    • Changed Deserialize methods in SerializationPlugin to use the out parameter concept
      (instead of returning the object)
      • Allows for a cleaner serialization code 
      • Note: possible implications for simulations using
    • Miscellaneous fixes and additions in various extension classes (i.e., in Clarion.Framework.Extensions)
      • Moved Set/RemoveRelevance methods from GoalSelectionEquation to GoalSelectionModule
        • Note: possible implications for simulations using 
      • Added GoalSelectionModuleParameters
    • Tutorials and documentation have been added to and updated 
      • Added Tutorial Table of Contents
        • Gives general ordering to tutorials, plus makes it easier to determine where specific topics are located
      • Still incomplete (slated for the next release) 
    • New Samples
      • Inductive Reasoning (credit Dan Cannon)
      • Full Reasoner (credit Shane Bretz)
    • Many bug fixes!!!

Version (3rd Beta Release)

posted Apr 11, 2012, 9:33 PM by Nick Wilson

NEW in this release:

  • Entirely new redesign of the library event mechanism
    • Fixes various timing issues 
    • More accurately implements the publisher/subscriber model 
    • No longer need to specify USE_GOAL_STRUCTURE in the parameters of the MotivationalSubsystem
  • Moved ActivationCollection to the Clarion.Framework namespace 
  • Renamed Chunk.LabelAsComparable to Chunk.LabelAsIComparable 
  • Additional samples: 
    • Simple Prisoner’s Dilemma
    • Serialization Demo 
  • Feature and extension additions/enhancements 
    • AsynchronousSimulatingEnvironment 
      • Provides a simplified template for interacting asynchronously 
    • IDefinesAgentMetaInfo interface 
      • Used to make agent-specific dimension-value pair reservations (e.g., typical drive inputs/outputs) 
    • Generically typed DimensionValuePair<DType,VType> 
      • Allows values of different types to inhabit the same dimension 
      • More natural access/use (i.e., less casting) 
    • Added eligibility checker customization for rules 
  • Framework additions/changes aimed at further simplifying your experience! 
  • Added IntelliSense XML file
  • Several bug fixes…

Version (2nd Beta Release)

posted Mar 10, 2012, 10:25 AM by Nick Wilson

NEW in this release:

  • Stand-alone implementation of the NACS reasoning mechanism
    • Including new components –
      • HopfieldNetwork
      • RefineableAssociativeRule
  • Updated tutorials
  • Additional API documentation
  • Additional samples
    • Including a new NACS reasoning task
  • Feature and extension additions/enhancements
    • SerializationPlugin (not fully tested)
    • ImplicitComponentInitializer (pre-training and encoding only)
    • GenericEquation
    • TableLookup
  • Framework additions/changes aimed at further simplifying your experience!
  • Several bug fixes...
  • And MUCH more!

Version (Beta Release)

posted Nov 11, 2011, 6:12 PM by Clarion Support   [ updated Nov 11, 2011, 7:50 PM by Nick Wilson ]

Initial (beta) Release


  • The Getting Started guide
  • The CLARION Library dynamic link library (dll)
    • The “assembly” (i.e., resource library)
  • A “Tutorials” folder  
    • Contains guides for configuring and customizing various aspects of the CLARION Library
  • A “Samples” folder
    • Contains basic, intermediate, and advanced simulation samples
  • A “Documentation” folder
    • Contains “MSDN-like” API reference documentation for the library

To Dos:

  • The NACS (currently in development for the next release)
  • Portions of the documentation, guides and tutorials (incomplete)
  • Additional samples
  • Several other plugins (in development)

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